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sorry for the offtopic but:

the aim of this messege is just my desire to know your point of view at the fact which to my mind is at least politically incorrect for the country call itselve as a democratic one.
so the fact is: the president of Latvia- Vira Vike Frieberga offended russian veterans by the following statement:
- "Certainly, we shall not overpersuade, we shall not change consciousness of those elderly Russians which on May, 9th will put a "vobla" (it's a dried fish) on the newspaper, to drink vodka and to sing "chastooshkas" (national Russian songs), and also to recollect, how they have heroically won Baltic"

also the fact is that in Latvia it is forbidden for Russian veterans of the World War Two even to put on theirs dress uniform with awards without a special president permission!

another fact is: EVEN in German, the country in where as a result of World War Two fascism was terminated... so as I know even there in the building of the government the piese of wall painted by the Russian soldiers in some kind of a way of graffity still exists... the country in where the bridge situated on an entrance in the city is named in honour of one of the Russian commander... even there in the country which was the enemy #1 for the USSR during the War... even there people understand the price of that battle witch tooked lives of more than 45 millions people!!!

the last fact is: about 15000 Latvian people was sent to Siberia- the northen region of Russia not so far from Alaska.

so the question is: how is it possible to punish veterans who have no connection with the political decisions of that days??? how is it possible to oppress those hwo sheded their blood not for political decisions but for staying alive and for theirs belief???

P.S. sorry for my bad English.
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